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Texas & Louisiana Construction City Scoops

Our City Scoop reports provide exclusive, data-rich snapshots of the current construction conditions and future prospects for the major metropolitan areas within Texas & Louisiana region. Get city-specific insights on project starts, material costs, bids, employment figures and how specific market segments are performing. Hear incisive comments and predictions from the city's construction leaders, and get the latest news on people, projects and pressing local issues. Our coverage includes:

08/10/15 Houston, TX
08/10/15 New Orleans, LA
06/15/15 San Antonio, TX
06/15/15 Baton Rouge, LA
04/20/15 Austin, TX
04/20/15 Lafayette, LA
02/23/15 Dallas, TX
02/23/15 Alexandria, LA
12/15/14 El Paso, TX
12/15/14 Lake Charles, LA
10/13/14 Fort Worth, TX
10/13/14 Shreveport, LA
08/11/14 Houston, TX
08/11/14 New Orleans, LA
06/09/14 San Antonio, TX
06/09/14 Baton Rouge, LA
04/14/14 Austin, TX
04/14/14 Lafayette, LA
02/17/14 Dallas, TX
02/17/14 Alexandria, LA
12/16/13 El Paso, TX
12/16/13 Lake Charles, LA
10/14/13 Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX
10/14/13 Shreveport, LA
08/19/13 Houston, TX
08/19/13 New Orleans, LA
06/17/13 San Antonio, TX
06/17/13 Baton Rouge, LA
04/22/13 Austin, TX
04/22/13 Lafayette, LA
02/25/13 Dallas, TX
02/25/13 Alexandria, LA
12/10/12 El Paso, TX
12/10/12 Lake Charles, LA
10/15/12 Fort Worth, TX
10/15/12 Shreveport, LA
08/13/12 Houston, TX
08/13/12 New Orleans, LA
06/11/12 San Antonio, TX
06/11/12 Baton Rouge, LA
12/12/11 El Paso, TX
12/12/11 Lake Charles, LA
02/20/12 Dallas, TX
08/15/11 Houston, TX
08/15/11 Lafayette, LA
06/13/11 Austin, Texas
06/13/11 Shreveport, LA
04/18/11 Dallas, TX
04/18/11 Alexandria, LA
02/14/11 San Antonio, TX
02/14/11 Baton Rouge, LA
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