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ENR Texas-Louisiana
News, opinions and announcements from the editors of ENR Texas & Louisiana.
View all » Construction Law
12/01/10 Dealing With Bid Errors

You’ve just submitted your bid to the owner and discovered your estimator’s mistake that caused you to bid 10% lower than you otherwise would have.
11/01/10 Protecting Public Project Bid Documents From Disclosure

Bidding on public projects for state or local governmental entities involves a number of issues not necessarily present in the private sector.
10/01/10 MasTec Versus El Paso: The Risks in Contradictory Contract Terms

Warren Buffett opines that “risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.’’ This applies to our industry, as owners ask contractors to assume the risk of inaccurate contract documents and unknown or...
View all » Finance
12/01/10 New Jobs Act Chocked With Tax Savings, Additional Loan Money

As construction company owners shift their thoughts to a new year, it should not be forgotten that the recently enacted Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 (SBJA) may offer impressive cost savings to...
11/01/10 Proposed Accounting Change Targets Leasing

As the year draws near its end, construction company owners and their fiduciaries should keep a close eye on an accounting change recently proposed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board...
10/01/10 Accounting Change Would Hike Business Costs

In June the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) published a draft to improve and align the financial reporting of revenue from contracts...
View all » Better Business
11/01/10 Building a Collaborative Team in a Hard-Bid Environment

It takes a certain savvy to build collaboration in a hard-bid environment. If the team is committed to quality, it can happen.
10/01/10 Achieving Design Excellence Through Strategic Partnering

Collaboration has long played a critical role in our industry. With today’s increasingly complex projects, the right team of partners is important in not only winning commissions but also in successfully...
09/01/10 Integrating Marketing, Business Development To Grow Revenues

Although architecture, engineering and construction firms generate business in many ways, classic marketing and sales tactics remain at the heart of that.
View all » Guest Column
01/01/10 A Look At Your Finance Options

Encouraging fleet managers and business owners to spend cautiously is not a tough sell right now: The construction industry in Texas ran out of fat to trim months ago.
12/01/09 Using Site Simulation in the ‘Fight for Inches’

Job-site analysis can help fleet managers find that extra inch and compare situations where cost efficiency is at stake.
11/01/09 Bottom-Line Environmentalism for Equipment Owners

Can equipment owners be “green” while strengthening their bottom line? Parker offers some approaches to meet both goals.
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